Believe it or Not Running has taught me a few things

33 Things I No Longer Believe About Running I  need pedicures… for that matter I need toenails! (#pedicuresareforsissy’s #blackiswhereitsat) It’s for elite athletes only (#longlivetheweekendwarrior #ifshecanicantoo) You have to run sub 8 min/miles to call yourself a runner (#Idnevermakeit #runyourpace) Injuries only happen to newbies (#dontbeafool #trainsmart) It’s cheap, easy and/or free (#hahaha #’nuffsaid) Puking, being … More Believe it or Not Running has taught me a few things

Mom Things

So I am a little sad this week. I have two kids and I have to make sure their needs come first. I had bought myself a new pair of Kinvara 5 ‘ s back in November and put them in the closet for the spring:) I had to have Tim take them back Monday … More Mom Things

Santa Shuffle.

December 6th 2014 a first for me….racing this late in the year! Waterloo park was the venue and the supporting charity is Salvation Army.  I chose this race because there is a 1k “Elf Walk” and I signed up the family for that part.  Since Hayleigh did so well at the Jingle Run a few … More Santa Shuffle.

Runner Snob (cause there’s etiquette)

I’m sure this will rub some people the wrong way but that’s ok…we’re all entitled to our opinions:) Etiquette is a code of polite conduct. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people — and you may even charm them – Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior … More Runner Snob (cause there’s etiquette)

Who am I

I’m the girl that fell off her treadmill thats in the basement of the house I rent, last winter while training for the 5k Around the Bay. I’m a mom of 2 wicked awesome kids Hayleigh 14 and Jaykob 5….small space between kids. Yep 2 dad’s and both “failed” relationships. So I’m just a regular … More Who am I

Jingle Run

November 23rd saw my family and I running the Jingle Run in support of YMCA Cambridge. Just a little 2.5k run part trail part road. It would be the first race for my daughter Hayleigh and man oh man she couldn’t be more pissed at me for even signing her up! Jaykob on the other … More Jingle Run