Superhero Race

Jaykob Tim and I ran the Cambridge rotary KidsAbility Super hero race on the 24th of May. We each wore our superhero shirts. Jaykob wore spiderman Tim wore Superman and I wore a new Ironman. I signed us up as a team to run 2.5k. ..seemed simple to me. I had started “speed work” already … More Superhero Race

Marathon Training

Since I signed up to run my very first marathon I need to start training! I follow each Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon ambassador through each venue possible. I make sure that I too try to be an ambassador even if I was not picked.  Who says I can’t spread/share/motivate through my training ( well other … More Marathon Training

Speed Work

In order to get faster one must do speed work. Ugh….speed… I’ve often told people that I am endurance not speed. I play slopitch with my works coed team and I have them all on the same page with that now too. I’m not fast I can run but I don’t do it speedy. I … More Speed Work

No Ambassador 😯

I admit I registered to run the #TY10K only because of the ambassadors.  I want to be the reason someone registers to run a race. I want to be the motivation for someone. I want someone to ask my running advice or tips. Sounds egotistical to me but I really want to be the reason … More No Ambassador 😯

Social Media

Hello my name is Sandi and I’m addicted to all forms of social media. There I said it! I am it’s true…Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube, Pinterest,  Instagram what have you. I follow tonnes of people and have about half as many followers lol. I find out alot of cool stuff and useful information.  I learn tips … More Social Media