Jazzing It Up

 Another chance to run in Toronto. I can’t pass them up! Look at this group!! Jen and I headed to the six at 2 oclock Saturday afternoon. We decided to stay overnight to avoid a 4am waking and stupid early drive. Instead we had an amazing (in my eyes at least) “pajama party”. Much needed … More Jazzing It Up

This is 40

Not going to lie….havent been excited about turning 40. I’ve had a few minor melt downs the last few weeks leading up to July 9th. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with 40 and I know that. Age is just a number, you’re as young as you feel, life starts at 40, 40 is the new 30, … More This is 40


This year Canada Running Series nixed the Younge St 10k and opted for a late June 10k down Lakeshore in an out and back style.  I’m not a fan! Younge street was a fast downhill April run making for great PB’s with wonderful weather. This race was hot as hell 🔥 at the mid point … More #TW10k