Being the child of a separated family isn’t easy. Not in the slightest!  My own family is a blended hodgepodge.  My mom was “married” 3 times and has 5 children. My oldest sister grew up with my grandparents…not once in my life did she live with us. She has lived her whole life in Nova … More


Last Novemeber was the start of my 3rd round of kidney surgeries. It started the ball rolling on what was a health poop storm!  After coming out of surgery in March I had an extended stay in recovery due to excessively high blood pressure.  The doctors discussed my potential of having a stroke. Well jeeez … More CertifiedĀ 

Run for the Toad

Last year I wrote a review on my first run for the toad experience.   I still love this event!!! Being Canada’s 150 birthday year Peggy and George stepped it up and designed the medal to reflect that importance.  They also added the 12.5 single loop distance. Tent City grew and the food remained amazing! The … More Run for the Toad