What Did You do on the Weekend

I’m surrounded by amazing athletes and heroic individuals that once they come together they are down right badass.

Rich Peers – ultrarunning charity minded badass. He owns a company called Job Runner (so fitting). He is full of tips, and motivation. He created this 24 hour event and started the ball rolling….

Sept 12th I received this message:

Hey Sandi!
Would you like to walk my full 24hr event on Nov 3? I am reaching out to a few friends that I would like to share my experience with. I am looking for 5 friends to help fundraise for my cause. Its a 5-6km loop on Huron Rd. Basically from the roundabout at Huron-Fischer Hallman to the Macs on Battler (past Strasburg) then back up again to the roundabout. I chose this loop because there’s great meeting points for friends to join in-on the loop parking at Tim’s, Huron Heights, Macs and my house. We can discuss the details further. No pressure, I will completely understand if you can’t. I would still love for you to come out and walk with me through the day/night. Thanks!!

Here was my super eager response: ” YES!! I am in! I’m super pumped you asked me to do this with you!
Cancer messed with my family and Grand River Hospital was home for my dad for some time. They need our help.

That sealed the deal…..

I guess I didnt think it was a super big deal to do such a thing. I’ve heard of relay for life and that’s a 24 hour event. My daughter has done it and recently an ex-coworker did it with his young daughters. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

I had done big things this year so of course I wanted in on this. I had planned on coming out for a few loops anyways… why not do the whole shabang. Go big or go home right.

Our target goal was 3000.00 for GRRCC (Grand River Regional Cancer Centre) and at the start of the event on November 3rd we had gone 100.00 over that. So now we walked…. we did our part.

Leading up to the day of we had posts and shared the fundraising thermometer and we felt the love. We would be seeing many running friends and rarebits come out to participate in a few loops and Shannon even replanned her Back to the Future Run to coincide with the 24 hr event. 30 ish rarebits came out for her run and during that we received cash donations and she raised 260.00 for Achilles!! Like seriously amazing right.

So the night before was Hayleighs Highschool grad Ceremony and I was late to bed with an early start to Saturday. Jen picked me up at 5:10 am and we hit up timmies both exchanging explicits on how we felt 🤣.

The loop of the course was part of my old neighborhood running route. I had logged many kilometers in along that stretch.

We started at 6:04 am.

I was clicking along with Rich for quite a few of those first 11 laps, but the growing blisters were getting to me.

It takes a special kind of human to sit you in a chair hoist your bare foot up on his knee and drain your blisters for you! Chris Mintz did that!! He drained and fixed the most disgusting and largest blisters I’ve ever had! Foot Whisperer, Nurturer, Caring Helper of all People…. he is unique and I’m thrilled to have him as a friend.

I’ll say I was “fading”. I was seeing things that weren’t there and not seeing things that were there!

My son and Tim stopped in to see how it was going and they chatted with me enough to get my mind refocused. It was dark now and I wasnt feeling great. I was stiff and sore and the blisters were growing.

I was on my way down Huron from Fischerhallman when I thought I saw Nick on the opposite side of the road. I thought how sweet of them to send Nick out to find me… as I went to call him thinking he cross over the road to finish the lap with me….he disappeared…. yep… I imagined him there…

Down a bit further a car pulled up beside me and the passenger asked so nicely Do you want a coffee? I didnt have a clue who it was. I could see a female… couldn’t really “hear” the voice and knew the driver was looking out at me also. My thoughts were this : Sandi …you cannot accept coffee from strangers, you dont know these people, they dont know you, they’re being really nice but what are you teaching others if you accept a random person’s coffee. I waved at them and get walking…..really really slowly. It was nice of them to ask. When I got back to the van I asked who they were. No one had any idea. They hadn’t sent anyone out for a Tim’s run. So I was glad I didn’t accept the offer from those creepers!! 5 mins later Hayleigh and Brandon rounded the van …. that creeper was her 🤣 She said she knew right away I had no idea who it was and probably couldn’t see her …. not only did I seem weird but she said I was way to nice and kind sounding when I declined the offer of coffee. Oh man!! I didnt know my own kid!

Everyone reassured me it was quite normal for these types of hallucinations. To see things and to not recognize people. So I’m not actually crazy… just kinda..

It was cold. It was dark. It was hilly. It was hard. It was fun. It was a challenge. It was lonely. It was full of people. It was worth it. It was more than I could do. It was long. It was empowering. It was deflating. It was an eye opener. It was a success.

The thank yous are never ending: Rich, Rachael, Derek, Jen. Chris, Gary, Trish, Rhonda, Juli, Adrienne Dusan, Nick, Lisa, Jermey, Rasha, Will, Tony, Maria, Stefanie, Carol, Steve, Brenda ( the 3 other ladies that came with Brenda who I walked with talked to and have no idea who you are…ugh), Jordan, Mike. Kate. Shannon.

Rebeka, Barbara, Kelly, Karin, Peter. Rebecca.

Tim, Jaykob, Hayleigh and Brandon.

We’ve raised more than our goal and the donations are coming in even 2 days after the event. We’ve managed 150 %

The event was a success….however I had some harsh negative self talk. I feel like I let down those that donated, Rich, the 24 hour participants, and myself. I didnt do the full 24 hours. I managed 18.5 hours. I quit…. I got in 81 kilometers because I walked around the parking lot once my body refused to acknowledge the hills as a possibility.

I am sorry that I didnt do the full 24 hours. I’m disappointed in myself actually and I thought you all might be as well….

When I expressed this most people said it wasnt possible that anyone felt how I thought they would…

Yeah….they raise you up when you feel low. When you think you aren’t enough… when you dont feel like you’ve done your part. When you start to sink into a familiar and not good darkness…they are there to pull you out. They are Rarebits…

Rest…. it’s time to rest and let my body take a break… 2019 will be a whole new set of different goals.


2 thoughts on “What Did You do on the Weekend

  1. Sandi, OMG. In my post marathon fog I honestly didn’t realize exactly what you were doing or what you had done. I take back my comment I posted where ever it was about setting wonderfully lofty goals. While you may use a ladder to set those goals, you manage to reach them your own darn self! Holy crap. 81 freakin K! You are my hero. Why? Because for awhile I felt like we were on similar pages. Now I see you jump waaaay ahead in the book and accomplish some crazy awesome stuff and it makes my jaw drop. Do NOT discount what you did my friend. Never.

  2. Cathy… we are on the same page friend! You persevere! You are determined and gritty! I love your commitment. We both set goals and quietly go about achieving them. You are so right though… I do use a ladder to set my goals…my favourite way of describing it. My faith in myself has swayed slightly as I feel like I’ve let some people down. I do know deep down its not true and I think I just need to give myself credit for the things I have accomplished.
    You inspire me. 💕

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