2018…the year I turned marathon old

When 2017 finished I was glad to see a year end….one that brought highs and lows. Many lows actually.

Maybe thats why I am writing this now. I sit here 17 days away from the one year anniversary of losing a job I had for 16.5 years. A job that once I lost I felt anger, sadness, resentment, happy, lost, frustrated , a sense of relief and scared all over a span of time . To say in this year I’ve ventured and jumped into things with both feet would be a slight understatement. I’ve grown and settled into things nicely. And as Will said to me, he and I have both done some big things this year 😊.

I had planned on it being a close to home running season. I wanted to run more RunWaterloo events. I wanted to have fun and be around people that included runners of all types . Yes I wanted to improve. I didn’t want to do a single Toronto race. I wanted to encourage more people to run. My start of the year goal was to PB my half marathon which I naively thought was going to be the furthest distance for me from now on.

Insert running enablers and all around amazing wicked awesome badass runners turned friends turned cheerleaders turned my people.

I did things…. I did big things….

February- eighter by RunWaterloo

2nd fastest 8k time for me.

March – Laurier Loop 5k by RunWaterloo

Sub 30 mins …first time in a wee bit .

Around the Bay in Hamilton 2 person relay with Sarah. 15k in just over 1.5 hrs

I think I go back year after year because you finish in the Coliseum!

April – EndurRun 5k and 8k with RunWaterloo where I won a free pair of Sauconys!!

And hit a sub 30 min 5k again!

Also in April I ran a half marathon without looking at my watch until the last 200 meters. I had a great fun run!

Waterloon Marthon puts on a phenomenal event! Such a great day in late April. Country roads with horse and buggies!

While I was suppose to run the Ottawa challenge in May…financially I was unable to. Being I had lost my job and was new at my current job I just couldn’t make that trip. Insert running enablers…. Tim the director at Sulphur offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Running the 25k there allowed me to cheer for and watch amazeball runner Rachael finish her 100 mile event!!

It was a great event. Andrea and Tim have passed the torch on though so this was their last year.

June is always a busy month with birthdays and school end meaning summer is starting. I did manage to squeeze in a great fathers day run with Jaykob. The 5k classic. Last year we did the 3k so we upped our game and of course it was hot as balls

He always beats me πŸ˜‰ Slow and steady was the name of the game this run!

July… oh July. You’re so hot and humid and make running hard and chafey πŸ˜–. But this year you brought me a huge challenge and an even huger (is that a word?) accomplishment

12 hour day event at Tally in the Valley. A whole blog about this was made. I laughed I cheered I encouraged I cried and I conquered. Highs and lows and memories….some inked and now permanent πŸ˜‰ I logged 68k in 11 hours 46 mins and won 3rd place female overall! What the Actual Fuck!!

August is another hot and hellish month. Sweaty runs and Sweaty hugs after accomplishing a thing you doubted you could do.

Time lines scare me and never more so than when you’re on a team. Insert team…but not the one I was running for at EndurRun…πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

All the hills that Wednesday evening…. all the fucken hills!!!

An event I’ve wanted to do since its inception (only a few years) was finally doable. The Runway run! At Waterloo Airport on the tarmac. So fun with the runway lights. We had fun…it was hot

Not sure whether I was demonstrating my “robot” or what.. trust me Jaykob had more fun than hes showing here….πŸ˜‚

September…generally you are not too hot… hahahaha… yes you freakin are!

Kids with Cancer Run….I set out to run 10k. The only time I ran this event before I ran the 5k. I was ramping up and I havent run a 10k race in a while. This one wasnt hot! This one was the only blah weekend in September. Great event hosted by RunWaterloo at the Museum ( us oldies know it as Doon Heritage) for a majorly important cause.

A staple in the Fall months is Run for the Toad. I wasnt going to run it this year. It’s really pricey and the budget was tight remember. I do love me some George and Peggy though and a few Rarebits needed a 4th so I of course threw my hat in the ring.

12.5k only 1 loop! I left it all out on the course and finished with a big ol smile

These ladies killed it!!

October was another busy month… well really just a busy long weekend πŸ˜‚

Happy Trails Racing directors Jeff and Heather are kickass!! Sticks and Stones sealed the deal for me with them. They didnt leave me behind. They wrapped me in support along with my group of amazeball enablers a.k.a The Running Rarebits. I was dead last but the most glorious finish.

My first actual 50k race ( at Tally I was in the 12 hour event)- (A whole blog about this event is up too)

2 days after that beast I was out on the streets of Kitchener chasing a chicken before the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving day 5k. I made my family do this with me again 🀣 Jaykob, Caitlyn, Jenna, Shania, Rianna and Dave! And the ever presence of Red ala Rarebits.

I actually ate the sausage afterwards!! This event is a staple in our household. It’s fun but we also watch the parade afterwards to ensure we catch a hug from Sissy ( Hayleigh) since her dance group with the Concordia club is in it.

One weekend later I was out again running another 5k. RunWaterloos OktoberFast 5k classic. Sub 30 again!

A most massive cheer section at the finish line. I choked up because of these bits.

With October done I had one more event on the calendar. A biggie. Job Runners 24 hour Walk to Support Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. Hot damn!!! We surpassed our goal and ended with 151% reached. Over 4 thousand dollars raised. Heart warming. This event also opened my eyes. I had hullicinations! I didnt recognize my own daughter and I got the biggest worse blisters I’ve ever ever experienced. To this day ( a week later) my shoes are the enemy. The skin has ripped off. It’s a pain that’s hard to explain. I feel torn about how I did last weekend. I feel like I failed. While I logged my furthest distance and my longest amount of time ( 81 kilometers 18.5 hours) I didnt “finish”. I hobbled away with an even more gigantic amount of respect for Rich, Rachael and Derek. I also think the beastmode duo of Chris and Trish deserve even more props for what they do and the amount of training they put in.

While I failed the event … the event was beyond successful and I’m so honoured to have been a part of it!

I literally hate all the pictures of me from it….well all but this one…


So what’s next…… well today I strapped on the enemy for 6k

And headed out in this bullshit

😣 god damn it’s only November!!

I think that’s a wrap though! Unless I can “enable” some friends to tie on a few bells, wear some festive attire and jingle our way through a 5k next weekend 🀣.

I’ve done alot this year regardless. I’ve changed in so many ways. I’ve grown. I’ve overcome. I’ve succeeded….. but never did I do any of it alone ❀


2 thoughts on “2018…the year I turned marathon old

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. x 365 days of 2018. If amazeballs makes it to the dictionary, it will say, β€œSee Sandi Swan” awesome job my friend. I’m speechless.

  2. Cathy… you are seriously one of my biggest cheerleaders and I love you beyond bits!! Hope to see you soon and hug then run together. You are an amazing person and I’m thankful for running to have brought you into my life!

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