2018 in review

You never set off on a path hoping it’s the wrong choice. You don’t start a blank page knowingly writing a bad story. You don’t start an epic adventure praying for failure.

You start each new year with fresh ideas and new plans and desires. Goals and plans. Hope’s and dreams. Excited about the possibilities.

Closing the door on a year. Wide eyed and optimistic for the new year to come.

Good bye 2018….You’ve been a year of so many things. Highs and lows, ups and downs, good and bad. Epic adventures. Laughter and cheering. Tears of pain and tears of joy. Heartache and love all surrounded by family and friends.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that shared in this year…old and new friends. To my 2 “crazy” encouraging, loving, motivation and inspiring fellow emotionally charged and completely amazing children….I do all the things for you 2. I try to show you that hard work always pays off and that if you try your hardest you succeed no matter what. I want you both to know that you can do anything you are both so capable of the most amazing things. You’re strong and smart and talented to the nines!

With each year comes a whole new set of blank pages. You get to write your own story. You get to dream and draw the pictures that go with your story. You’re the author and writer!! Be as creative as you can and think BIG.

At the end of each chapter review and collect inspiration for the next chapter(year).

So I’ll take a few minutes to review this last chapter called 2018…

Re-Fridgee-Eighter. 8 kilometers

One of my fastest 8ks in years!

Laurier Loop 5k

Jaykob always reminds me to have fun when I run. His youthful energy blows me away.

If you can pair up with a friend to run something epic …do it!!

Around the Bay is far less “grueling ” when you run as a team. Thank you Sarah!

A 5k and then an 8k slightly later in the same day…ugh. The 5k time was wonderful the 8k suffered a bit with the wait in between events. The first time these events were done on the same day. This was thanks to mother nature and her flash freeze in April!

I also won a pair of Sauconys at this race! EndurRace 2018 was a challenge.

An amazing time at Ed Whitlock half in Waterloo. Didnt check my watch one time until the last 300 meters or so.

Jen watched Jaykob and brought him out on course to cheer πŸ’–. Finish line hugs rock by the way!

First time at Sulphur Springs and 25k later….

Jaykob in the lead!! I’m back there in pink. Hot hot hot event at the Waterloo Classic 5k. I helped push/pull a few people that day across the finish line.

July FundRaiser run to help Rhonda-Marie in her most epic adventures.

Run for the Toad training….its better with “bits”

This day in July….forever “inked” on me! Tally in the Valley 🀩

Most crazy adventure (at that time) saw me crossing things off my “I can’t do this” list

Only remotely possible with friends, crew….support and people believing in you so fucken strong.

Recovery team fun… drink run drink run….

Dont puke 🀣

On a team…. run some hills but be hardcore cheered and 110% supported by a different team

Finish 10 miles of #alldahills in a stage at EndurRun

Run on the tarmac at the Waterloo Region Airport… βœ”

Be reminded what it’s like to enjoy that experience….πŸ’• thank you Runway Race

Join some amazing people and raise funds for POGO…

Run a 10k at Doon Heritage for Kids with Cancer.

Join some badass ladies and take on Run for the Toad team style!

Left it all out there and finished quickly with a smile!

Run for the Toad is one of those events that is what is because of the directors. Peggy and George make this event so special.

The bagpipes make my eyes water

Oktoberfesting at night….run a 50k the next day…

Not even remotely possibly with out support and love

I can write about this event and this finish and never give it the full description it deserves. Never in my life have I felt more things. I went through many emotions in those 53k, during the 8 hours and 16 mins that were Sticks and Stones. I saw dark sides of myself and bright sides of others. This finish….. (I’m crying writing about it) was the most love filled moment. I’ve cried for others “big things”…I cry alot…but this…this moment made finishing…made the race and has etched a spot in my heart forever.

Why not run an Oktoberfest funrun 5k 2 days later… why not..

Do it…Its fun as hell I promise!! Plus the cowbell medals…well fuck yeah.

Why not run another 5k a week later… Fall Classic 5k

Not only will you run a PB you’ll get to hang out and cheer with these people AFTER they super hard cheer you in!

Let’s do something crazy and amazing all rolled into 1. Join some rarebits in raising funds for Grand River Regional Cancer Centre….set out for 24 hours and raise over 4 thousand dollars!!

Feel badly because you didnt reach your own personal goal but be lifted by beautiful people

Be surrounded by love…. accomplish 81 kilometers in 19 hours. βœ”βœ” Job Runner Couriers 24hr Walk to Support GRRCC.

Join your runfriends in a nighttime journey through Columbia Forest where you’ve never run before and have a crisp blast!

Wearing my pinkest run shirt I ended the race season at the 5k Musagetes race out at RiM park. Not chipped timed but timed and a good tough course. Good enough to better my time from 2017.

While the race season might have been done the funnest event was yet to come….

Gary and Rhonda-Marie organized the gingerbread Rarebits 5k.

What a festive group of awesomeness.

I finished 2018 off crossing the “finish ” with the very wonderful friend that brought me into this group of amazeball enablers known as the Running Rarebits

Thank you Kelly.

Thanks for running through 2018 with me πŸ˜‰

While I’ve nothing planned for 2019 as of yet the pages are just waiting to be filled with epicness

This journey is not one I do alone… thank you to all of youπŸ’•

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