Let’s Get Loopy

A late sign up as the weather has been less than stellar and I wasnt sure what this weekend would hold.

Once I knew we were not getting snow I decided to sign us up.

Previous years saw me “encouraging ” my niece’s to come out also…this year I guess they weren’t up for it, so Jaykob and I would tackle this one together.

Start time changed to 11am this year which gave us time to sleep in and still get to the University intime for race kit pickup and prerace photos.

I cant see anything in this photo except for a pair of black clothed legs and a handsome face πŸ˜‚

Jaykob spotted himself on the photoboard from last years Laurier Loop πŸ˜„

We stretched in the starting gates and moved to the middle of the pack.

William caught us first as we came down King Street. (I’m smiling cause we are at like 1k ).

We turned up Bricker knowing Tim would be there to cheer…

A small path into the University area and back out to the roads. Up to University Ave for a small down hill patch before finishing loop 1.

Hes telling me “we’ve got this ”

Jaykob didnt stop talking the whole time. He told me stories, made me smile laugh and took my mind off the race. I had to real him only 1 time. The excitement and challenge of another boy almost pulled him in. I gently reminded him to run his own race.

I asked him every couple hundred meters how he was. The response was either: sweet, great, good , fine or awesome. He often said “I cant believe I haven’t had to walk ” and that was because we stayed steady and consistent at a pace we could both handle. I think the smartest race ever and for sure my most fun. Jaykob kept me going. I taught him how to run the tangent and coached him all while he coached me.

He excitedly told me he couldn’t wait to eat a bagel and granola bar once we finished.

Always full of energy…

Always having fun and telling me “I’m not even holding you back mommy”… no way buddy…you are keeping me going and pushing me to not quit!

Hamming it up for Julie 🀣…not missing a beat .

We took a brief slow down before the final push. Once we made the downhill portion of University we turned into the lot towards the finish. I kept telling Jaykob how great and strong he was. He got cheered on by fellow runners.

It was our plan to push each other hard at the finish. I told him once we hit the Uturn sign it was sprint time.

And just like that Jaykob pulled off a PB with a 2nd place win in the 12 and under boy category πŸ’•πŸ₯ˆ.

The crowning piece of a race full of pride for this momma!

Jaykob pulled me through and yes he beat me with that insane final sprint! I’m always proud of him. He is an amazing kid. This time he reminded me to have fun.

There was even a moment when he almost caught eventual 10k winner Rob 🀣🀣

Turns out Rob was just lapping us baahahaha.

What smile from a super awesome fast amazing 9 year old!

Rehydrating with that silver medal.

Taking a bite outta second place ya’ll.

I’m a proud momma!! Jaykob even helped me pull of 5th in my age category.

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