Picked it…F@&K You Cancer

Earlier this week I was searching for an event to test my endurance. I was fresh off my 2nd 50k. A railtrail Happy Trails Racing run. The event had multiple distances offered and I bantered with Craig and Ruth during the sufferfest about how we should sign up for the 50 miles next year.

I dont want to wait until then. I’m still on my runners high and a little birdie chirped in my ear about the perfect event to participate in and aim for 50 miles.

Sign me up Rich! While I was already part of the event and for way to many reasons I decided today that I was going to pick the Job Runners 24 hour Event in support of Grand River Regional Cancer Centre for my 50 miles.

I wanna first say Fuck You Cancer. I fucken hate you!!

I really really do!! Who the hell doesnt!!

Last year I did the run in honour of my dad. My dad passed in 2010 from Cancer. He was a patient at GRRCC and the staff was incredible. My Dad fought a long fight. I held his hand at GRRCC while he underwent Chemo and Radiation. Pretty fucken hard to see the fear in the eyes of the strongest man in my life. Pretty wrenching to hold his hand with teary eyes and thank him for letting me be his daughter while he slipped away. So yeah fuck you Cancer.

Since then we lost my mother in law to double lung cancer. She fought but expressed her desire to not live that life. She went through chemo and Radiation treatment and knew she wasnt going to win this battle. She was stage 4 when they diagnosed her and she extended her life but it wasnt the quality she wanted so she chose Medically Assisted Death. She would message me every now and then and tell me she was sick of this. She had all her wits about her and passed away February 2019 with Tim holding her. So yeah again Fuck you Cancer.

Today I sit here praying for my friend Natasha. She and I were besties growing up. We worked together, lived together, got in trouble together, had the best times together and created some seriously wicked memories together. Natasha moved to USA and shes there with her husband recovering from her Bilateral Mastectomy with Lymph Node removal. She had her surgery on Friday…4 days ago. She shared her diagnosis on April 27th. She started chemo on May 8th and Radiation on May 13th and decided to shave her head on June 1st.

Natasha is fighting Metastatic Beast Cancer and since shes so far away from me all I can do is support from afar.

I am doing my 50 mile event to raise funds for Grand River Regional Cancer Centre here in Kitchener but I’m dedicating it to Natasha. I’ll be wearing my pink breast cancer socks. When my feet get sore I’ll think of the fight you’re fighting Tasha and carry on.

You can support my efforts here.


We’ve got a hefty goal!! And please note that all funds raised go DIRECTLY to Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.


This 50 miles is for you Natasha 💞

^^ evidence that I have “tried” camping…so yeah I know I dont like it…

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